OSHA Urges W.Va. Outdoor Workers to Stay Safe, Prevent Heat Illness

The U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration is asking employers to make sure their workers are taking necessary precautions to prevent heat illness while working in hot conditions.

Photo credit: Occupational Safety & Health Administration

OSHA said in a release that outdoor employees in the construction, agricultural, and other related sectors are among those most susceptible to serious and sometimes deadly heat-related illnesses.

Employers and employees should be aware of the dangers and proper emergency plans connected to working in extreme heat.

OSHA has launched a public awareness campaign to inform workers and employers of heat hazards and safeguards, at www.osha.gov/heat.

[OSHA asks employers to remember three words: water, rest, shade. Drinking water often, taking breaks, and limiting time in the heat can help prevent heat illness. OSHA says employers should include these prevention steps in worksite training and plans, and gradually build up to heavy work in hot conditions.]

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