Ageas backs calls for minimum road safety standards

Ageas has announced it is supporting the Road Safety Foundation’s call for the Government to have minimum road safety standards at the heart of any reform following the finance and ownership review of the major road network.

The Road Safety Foundation’s annual GB EuroRAP report found that there would be significant economic rewards from low-cost safety engineering, and that single carriageways are now six times riskier than motorways.

Simple safety engineering measures on 10 stretches of road led to the number of deaths and serious injuries more than halving from 541 in 2001-5 to 209 in 2006-10.

Safety measures include the use of fixed and mobile cameras, altering the layout of junctions and widening entry/exit lanes.

Ageas Chief Executive Barry Smith said that any reform of the roads must be considered part of a wider reform to improve driver behaviour and vehicle safety.

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