Aviva warns of rising theft on Bonfire Night

Aviva warns of rising theft on Bonfire Night

Aviva has warned that Bonfire Night is the worst day of the year for burglaries, with 25% more burglaries occurring than on a standard day.

Gold and jewellery are particularly sought after, with a 33% rise in claims for them compared to the September/October average.

Car thefts also spike during Guy Fawkes Night, during which claims increase by 20% compared to the average, with a similar rise (19%) occurring on Halloween.

Aviva’s Director of Claims Rob Townend explained that the long nights and noisy fireworks, coupled with many homes being empty due to parties, provided a perfect environment for thieves.

Townend added that the price of gold and silver had increased by over 100% during the course of the last five years, making the precious metals more sought after than ever.

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