Stoic Brits with cancer symptoms slow to see GP

Stoic Brits with cancer symptoms slow to see GP

AXA is urging stoic Brits to get to know what “normal” feels like and to seek medical advice if they spot unusual symptoms.

New research from the insurer shows that people across UK are delaying going to their GP despite noticing something that isn’t usual for their body – mostly they would have to feel physically unwell before making an appointment.

In fact, 61% of Brits surveyed said they have delayed seeing their GP when they’ve noticed something unusual and AXA is warning that people could be missing out on vital early detection of cancer.

Less than a third of respondents (28%) said they would make an appointment to see their GP immediately if they noticed something strange, such as a lump or a change in bowel habits, with difficulty making an appointment (30%), being too busy (27%) or fear of what they may find out (25%) all cited as reasons for the potential delay.

AXA PPP healthcare chief medical officer, Dr Gary Bolger, says: “Overcoming people’s reluctance to seek medical advice when appropriate is a big public health issue.

“People who find signs or symptoms of cancer should not be afraid to see their doctor for advice straight away. It really is a case of the sooner the better.”

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